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Vampire-Con Film Fest 3

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The Vampire-Con film fest is returning once more to The New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood June 3rd and 4th. This year’s fare brings us a double feature of 80’s classics Fright Night and Vampires Kiss, on Friday the 3rd. Saturday the 4th we are treated to a 70’s cult vamp-sploitation double feature of Blackula, followed by Scream, Blackula Scream. This is a good opportunity to catch Fright Night before seeing the slick new remake. Don’t hold your breath waiting on a remake of Scream, Blackula Scream though.

Vampire-Con 2011
The world’s first Vampire-Con returns to the New Beverly Cinema for the third year running for two nights of classic vampire cinema. Originally created to include ALL fans of vampires, Vampire-Con continues its tradition of showcasing the best vampire movies in the world. Costumes are strongly encouraged and prizes will be given for the most creative.

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