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Vital Vein Latex Horror Fashion

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Vital Vein are Seattle-based latex couturiers. They make a variety of fun horror designs. There is the “I Heart Your Guts” dress with body parts reminiscent of the game Operation. There is a rubber dress with some steampunk gears glued on it. There are some ouija-themed outfits, with a number of occult symbols. And, most appealingly, there are a number of blood-spattered designs. Whether you need a blood-themed dress or a bloody nurse’s mask, Vital Vein has you shiny and covered.

Co-founded by Leigh Ann Caryl (General Leigh) and Lance Gilbert in January 2011.

Vital Vein Fashion is based out of Seattle, WA and specializes in bespoke and ready to wear latex clothing and accessories.

Born on January 19
Joined August 23, 2011

Favorite materials

Latex, Rubber

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