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Walking Dead 308

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Walking Dead Made to Suffer

All of the Governor’s secrets are exposed in the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead. Glen is revealed as the biggest bad-ass of all, Carl’s in charge, and the Battle of Woodbury goes down in the history books.

The first thing we hear is a woman screaming in the woods, leading us to a new, small group of survivors. These survivors are apparently even worse than the main group was last year. There’s no way they could have lasted this long with that woman screaming her head off for no damn reason all the time. She gets bit soon enough, and the group blunders into the prison (through an area that appears to have blown up at some point). Their opening fight against walkers in the woods had the best gore effects of the episode, with an amazing hanging eyeball, torn off jaw, and split head – all done with practical effects.

Poor Axel is hitting on Hershel’s other daughter whose name I still haven’t bothered learning, but now I know she’s 17. Axel finds this information interesting. Carol calls him off, and he confesses he’s feeling a bit blue, if you know what I mean. Axel’s all, “She’s the only girl left, since Maggie’s taken and you’re a lesbian.” Carol’s all, “Am not,” and Axel’s all “Are too, you got short hair and everything.” When Carol convinces him she really is not a lesbian, he finds this information interesting but Carol’s all, “No it’s not.”

However! Later Carl mentions that Carol is on lookout duty in the guard tower with Axel. That’s where Glen and Maggie go to get busy. I have a feeling Carol took one for the team to deflect Axel away from 17-year-old girl.

Anyway, Carl hears dumb survivor woman screaming her head off (still!) in “the tombs” within the prison, and heads off to investigate. Chief Carl is totally the boss of the prison now. He saves the poor schmoes and leads them to safety, then locks them in their own cell block. They’re a little freaked out by being locked up, but the guy (Tyrese) realizes this is their safest option and agrees to live by Carl’s rules. “It’s his house.”

The real action happens at Woodbury. First we get another look at the Lovernor in his unbuttoned shirt. I literally shuddered as I wrote that. The Gov then orders Merle to dispose of Glen and Maggie in something called “The Screamer Pits.” In the what now?

Glen has become the ultimate bad-ass. He’s beat to hell, but he pulls a zombie’s arm off and snaps the bones to use the jagged edge as a weapon. I fully believe that if a walker tried to bite Glen, Glen would bite its face off first – especially if Maggie was threatened.

Merle and company come to take away Glen and Maggie, and operation bone shard goes into effect. Maggie straight up murders a dude. This happens to coincide with Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne infiltrating Woodbury. They pull off an amazing paramilitary operation, using flashbangs and smoke grenades to rescue G&M. More smoke grenades create chaos on the streets of Woodbury and the air is filled with semi-automatic gunfire as they make their way to the wall. It’s a great battle scene, filled with confusion and action. It’s full-on Rambo mode too, as the survivors are unscathed while they take down a dozen Woodbury guards (right up until Rick hallucinates Shane taking a shotgun to Oscar – notice how Maggie fires a round into Oscar’s head without a second thought?).

Michonne has disappeared – she has her own agenda. She hides out in the Gov’s house, then hears his zombie daughter clomping around. At first she thinks Gov has a real little girl chained with a hood over her head, then discovers she’s a biter. Governor arrives just in time to stop the beheading, then acts with real concern and panic for his daughter, dropping his gun and pleading for her “life.” In a somewhat shocking moment, Michonne drives her katana through the little girl’s skull.

Gov goes nuts in grief and rage and attacks Michonne. What follows is a brutal fight, with Michonne’s face getting smashed through the aquarium glass, releasing some of the zombie heads stored there. They roll around on the floor, blinking and biting at the air (the episode’s other awesome effects sequence). Michonne finally grabs a piece of jagged glass and slams it…into the Governor’s right eye! Holy crap. I did not see that coming (“That’s what he said!”). Andrea’s arrival means Michonne leaves without finishing the big G off.

Of course, Andrea has a lot of questions for the Gov. He brushes off the zombie head aquarium: “I need to prepare myself for the horrors outside.” At a town meeting he whips the crowd into a frenzy of fear and hate, accuses Merle of being a traitor and reveals that he has Daryl captive. The crowd screams for blood.

This trauma is going to push the Governor over the edge, that much seems clear. He’s lost the one thing he really cared about, his genteel façade has been blasted away, and I’m sure losing an eye will have an effect too. I’m predicting he’ll go into full demagogue mode now, using his followers as his own personal shock troops to quell all resistance in the area around Woodbury. We’ll have to wait until February to find out though.

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