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Walking Dead: Coda

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Walking Dead Coda

The plan to trade prisoners goes down, but the insanity of the head cop explodes. What the hell just happened?

This season of Walking Dead hits halftime, so it’s time for something super dramatic to happen. I’ll give you one chance to bail out if you don’t want to big scene spoiled for you.


What the freaking hell? They killed Beth. In the stupidest, most meaningless way, they killed Beth.

Ok, back up. Two story threads, Rick and company planning the trade, and Michonne, Carl, Judith, and the preacher at the church. That one’s easy. The priest needed to go visit the school to see for himself if the massacre of the cannibals was truly justified, or if the people we was teamed up with were evil. He found a human leg on a grill, so…yeah.

Unfortunately he also unleashed a horde that been penned up in the school, then lead the zombies right to the church. Long story short, the people end up outside the church with walkers inside. Religious imagery. Eternal flesh. Abraham and friends arrive in the fire truck to sort of save the day, and they head to the hospital, rejoicing in the good news that Beth is alive.

Rick’s situation is more complicated. First, he hunts down the escaped cop, gives him a couple warnings, runs him down with a car, then shoots him in the head. Rick is super tired of scumbags justifying their scumbag behavior.

The other cops help arrange the trade, because they don’t want to die. This includes lying about how the other guy died, and manipulating Dawn.

They meet some other cops and make the deal. Best part of this was Sasha, providing overwatch. Cop asks Rick where his people are. Sasha frags a walker a few yards behind him. Rick: “They’re close.”

Interlude: Beth in the hospital, talking with Dawn, fighting with a scumbag cop, pushing him down the elevator shaft, talking with Dawn some more, then Carol wakes up. Why am I glossing over this? Dawn’s whole psychodrama was such a bunch of whiny crap. What an idiot. This was like workplace drama inflated by the apocalypse. It barely made any sense, and that makes it so much worse because it ends up being why Beth died.

They make the trade. It goes really well. Then Dawn is like, “You need to give me Noah now.” Because she’s crazy and thinks people are property, I guess? This didn’t really connect to her earlier conversations about trying to hold the group together, waiting for this to end, not letting scumbags cops be scumbags anymore, etc. It was kind of random.

So Beth, who had earlier slipped some scissors into her cast, decides to stab Dawn. Was Beth committing suicide, or did she think it would go down some other way. Trigger-happy idiot Dawn is kind of surprised to find a scissors sticking out of her, and puts a bullet through Beth’s skull. Daryl immediately kills Dawn. The other hospital folk stand down. Rick and company leave with Noah and Beth’s corpse. Just then Maggie arrives on the firetruck, sees Beth being carried, and breaks down. This is the closest Walking Dead has ever come to making me cry.

In a postscript, Morgan has been following those mysterious marks on the trees. He finds the church, and sees the map which mentions Rick Grimes. A reunion is in the works!

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