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The Walking Dead Season 2

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The Walking Dead Season 2

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) – The Walking Dead – Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC

DARYL DIXON (Norman Reedus)
An ex-con, Daryl is a racist, argumentative redneck who idolizes his older brother, Merle. He has a vicious temper and no interest in keeping anyone besides himself and his brother safe. But Daryl is adept with his crossbow, a useful tool for quietly and efficiently killing zombies. He has also been shooting rifles since he was a toddler and never goes anywhere without a knife. Daryl is indispensable to the groups’ survival. He battles with Rick regularly, unable to understand Rick’s need to help total strangers, when Daryl’s life philosophy is every man for himself. However, when any member of the group is attacked, Daryl doesn’t hesitate to leap into the battle.

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