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Walking Dead – Suicide King

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Walking Dead Suicide King

Walking Dead returns from the mid-season break with one the goriest scenes ever. Glenn and Maggie have vague relationship issues, Daryl and Merle decide blood is thicker than…other people’s blood, and Rick finds a whole bunch of toys in the attic.

Woodbury’s Daryl versus Merle deathmatch erupts into a riot when the two try to stage an escape, and Rick , Maggie and Glenn lay down covering fire (Maggie seems to take aim and take out a young girl). They bust out through a hole Merle tears in the fence. The whole town is in turmoil, and the governor seems to have checked out, mentally.

I know that earlier this season I had some praise for David Morrissey as the Governor. With some more episodes under my belt, I have to admit I was wrong. I’m just not buying it anymore. I can’t buy that Andrea would ever sleep with that dude. I can’t buy that he ever had the charisma to hold the town together. I think the biggest problem is that he only has one expression (pale).

On my Walking Dead dream team, the Governor is played by Jack Palance. Think about that.

The Woodbury townsfolk are panicked and trying to leave. The guards are keeping the gate shut and aiming guns at the guards. The situation is escalating when Andrea comes by and prevents a massacre. But then some walkers who got in through the broken fence take out a random guy. The Governor, whose creepy deceptions and hostage-taking tactics created the whole mess, is doing the bitchy “nice guy who’s finally had it” routine. “I was so nice to them, gave them everything they wanted, I’m done, no more.” Blah blah blah.

Andrea goes out and gives a terrible speech to the crowd, and they totally eat it up. “When historians write about the years of the plague, they’ll mention Woodbury.” Here’s how this scene breaks down if I’m a character living in Woodbury: Andrea speeches, I snort derisively, look around as if to say, “Totally lame, amirite people?” See everyone nodding and gazing upon Andrea with awe. Back away slowly.

I guess this will be a thing now, Andrea in a power struggle with Creepy G for control of Woodbury. His main stratagem, to stare creepily through the blinds of a third story window, seems flawed.

The survivors are having struggles too. Merle acts like a total ass until Rick knocks him out, and even Daryl is like, “… … … Fair enough.” No one is willing to let Merle live in Prisonville, what with all the beatings and racism. But Daryl, who certainly holds his fair share of ambivalence toward Merle, is unwilling to just walk away from kin (again). The problem seems intractable, so Daryl just leaves, and honestly Daryl and Merle shredding zombie ass seems a whole lot more interesting than Glenn and Maggie’s FEELINGS.

Speaking of those two lovebirds, it seems like we’re going to watch Glenn go through all the stages of learning to understand relationships young men go through, one at a time. He’s apparently at the White Knight stage, where he feels like the relationship is defined by his ability to protect his woman in a manly manner (nevermind that Maggie is five times the badass Glenn is, even after that zombie fight earlier this season). But I also was getting a weird vibe, like maybe he thinks Maggie is tainted now because she was sexually assaulted? Not cool, Glenn.

Oh, by the way, out of nowhere, Beth has decided she wants to be the new Lori and makes clumsy, obvious gestures of affection toward Rick, kissing him and carrying around his baby a lot. And somewhere in that prison she found the world’s tightest pair of capris. Seriously, was she always wearing those and I somehow didn’t notice?

Rick, though…Rick has problems. Like, when he holds his baby, the baby’s cries get this echoey sound effect. And when Rick tries to figure out if Tyrese and his crew of decent folks (well, half of them) can stay, evil Lori appears and makes him flip out. I loved evil Lori up there on the balcony, apparently on her way back from some kind of afterlife awards show. Those moments actually offered some genuine shivers of horror.

The other great things in this episode where Glenn stomping a zombie’s head flat and Hershel’s gutsy play to make Rick reconsider kicking out Tyrese and co. Lastly, I’m not entirely sure how to interpret the episode’s title (“Suicide King”). That’s a fancy way of referring to the king of hearts in a deck of cards – no one in the episode commits suicide, so I guess it’s because things were all about relationships falling apart.

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