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Warm Bodies

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Do you like your zombies with a little bit of humanity and heart? If you do, you’ll love Warm Bodies. It’s the tale of a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) that is going through his mundane existence of shuffling, grunting and eating brains until he sees Julie (Teresa Palmer). It’s love at first sight for R, and an unexpected side effect of his newfound feelings is that R starts to become alive again. The hard part is convincing Julie’s father, General Grigio (John Malkovich), the leader of a group of human survivors, that he is becoming alive. As the two of them discover their love for each other, there are humorous and sweet moments, plus some good ol’ brain munching zombie action. Add in a nasty, skeletal, non-discerning and insatiably hungry type of zombie called the ‘bonies’, and you have a fun zombie apocalypse tale.

First four minutes of Warm Bodies

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