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Want to Win a Rob Zombie Halloween Screening

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Win a Rob Zombie Halloween and Blue Blood would like to bring you all the opportunity to win a screening of the Rob Zombie re-imagining of one of the original gangsters of slasher flicks, Halloween. The grand prize is a screening of the film for the winner and twenty of their most intimate friends, as well as a Rob Zombie grab bag including a limited edition T-shirt, CD’s, the Devil’s Rejects DVD, and the House of 1000 Corpses DVD. Four runners up will also win their own grab bags.

You know how sometimes you and your friends like to smear yourselves with vanilla-flavored corn syrup with a lot of red food coloring in it and take pictures? Well, if you are familiar with the Halloween series, go ahead, bust out those mask and knife collectibles, and take the most Halloween iconic shots you can and submit them over at the Rob Zombie’s Halloween Contest site to win.

Fine print: real murders void eligibility to participate.

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