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Women in Horror Month

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The third annual Women in Horror Month, a service provided through Viscera, a non-profit organization, took place this past February. Their mission is to expand opportunities for filmmakers, artists and fans by raising awareness about the changing roles for women through filmmaking, writing, events and networking. Throughout the month of February, several events took place to support the Women in Horror Month. In addition to many blog series, there were also opportunities to celebrate the month by various events such as viewings of certain movies and roundtable discussions. There was also a blood drive that was called, “The Massive Blood Drive”, and was sponsored by Jen and Sylvia Soska, twin sisters who wrote, produced, directed and starred in their own film, “Dead Hooker In a Trunk”, along with Twisted Twins Productions. The drive has been wildly successful, and is only one of many things that are recognizing women in horror. FEARnet and Rue Morgue have also been participants in this macabre month. Ravenous Monster also had a series of articles during February to celebrate. Day of the Woman provided the “ABCs of Women in Horror”. Go to the Women in Horror website to find out more information about this informative and enlightening month.

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