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Year of the Dead 2012 Calendar

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Do you like zombies? How about zombies in bikinis? If you said yes to either of those questions, The Year of the Dead Calendar may just be for you. This is a traditional 12 month calendar that boasts scantily-clad, beautiful, undead girls doing what zombies do best for each month of the year. Some of them are alone, while others have some victims to play with. This calendar, which boasts that Bizarre called them their “Favorite of 2012”, is a playful look at zombies in their “natural” habitat. The creator, Rocky Calsetta, seems to have known exactly what he wanted, and didn’t stop until he reached that point. Some of the makeup artists and other titles, are Nichelle Hosey, Shane Rausch, and Josh Esan, to name a few. This talented group of people used their skills to add effects such as an exposed spine, and disembowelment to this calendar. You can pick up your copy of the “Year of the Dead 2012 Calendar Swimsuit Edition” today.

year of the dead zombie pin-up calendar year of the dead zombie pin-up calendar

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