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Zombie Pet Shop

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Variety reports that a script called Zombie Pet Shop and penned by E.K. Katz is about to be made into a 3D animated feature. Animation and 3D and zombies are all big right now. The hero of this flick is a pug dog who must find the cure to critter zombie-ism.

E.K. Katz is repped by Gersh and Generate (who are serious players) and Variety reports that E.K. Katz was a writer on Lionsgate’s forthcoming Dibbuk Box. Dibbuk Box features an evil spirit picked up at a yard sale and is directed by celebrated Danish auteur Ole Bornedal, best known for the U.S. version of Nightwatch, a stylish and creepy serial killer yarn set in a morgue.

I assumed that Zombie Pet Shop was based on an existing toy line of some sort and Amazon features something called Zombie Pet Shoppe Figures figurines, but the 3D animation version is spelled differently and appears to be an original property.

Hope to see more about this. Zombies have reached a point in the popular zeitgeist where they might as well be cute puppies.

zombie pet shop zombie pet shoppe

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