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Studs, spikes and chokers

Posted 10-13-2009 at 09:45 AM by satan's successor

i've got quite a few of each of these (stud, spikes and chokers) and ive only just thought, what are their purpose, i mean they don't really do anything apart from make them chavs across the road leave you alone after what happened to the last one that tried it on with you. but i though... and thought, and i couldn't really thing of anything. apart from the fact they look good.
so what is the purpose of spikes, studs and chokers?
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alternatives to candles

Posted 07-21-2009 at 12:08 PM by satan's successor

hi all
im looking for an alternative to candles because im no allowed them incase i burn the house down. even if i was going to light them, to be honest i just wanted them to sit on my drawers shelves etc without llighting them. but my parents won't listen. so if any one has any suggestions like coating the wicks in something to prevent them being lighted or fake candles if they exist, help would be appreciated.
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