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Can I use a fake name?
Sure. If you are famous or just like your privacy or enjoy using a net handle, feel free to register with whatever username you like.

Can I sign up under a bunch of different names?

Can I post pictures?

Can I post nude pictures and naughty video?

Can I post goatse and tubgirl and anything else disgusting I can find?

Can I repost news from other sources?
Yes. Please put such posts in the Spooky News forum. Please always credit and link your source and only use sources which are okay with being posted. No profanity in subject headings please.

Can I post suicide threats, complaints about significant others, and statements about how unfair school is to this board?
Yes, but only in the Whining forum.

Can I create a lame and unpopular attempted knockoff of and complain about and spam this forum for people to come join my Yahoo Group or Geocities site or even a site on an actual domain?
No. You will be banned if you do this.

Can I post links to other sites?
Yes, but please keep promotional posts in the Shill forum.

Can I promote ad blockers?
No. This is not an inexpensive or free site to maintain. We provide it to the users for free, but the ad spots help cover some of the hosting and maintenance costs. If you promote services that deny us the ability to cover those costs, you are in essence promoting the theft of our service to our members. You will be banned.

Can I tell people about my band's show, my photo exhibit, my book tour, my great new site etc.?
Yes, but please keep promotional posts in the Shill forum.

Can I tell people about my new art nude or porn or otherwise adult site?
No, but, if you have promotional banners which feature no nudity whatsoever, you may contact adrep(@) for advertising rates.

Can I use the f-word and be otherwise rude? has a literary heritage and it would be nice if you attempted to find eloquent ways to express yourself. Forums are supposed to be entertaining, so you might want to try to play well with others.

Can I flame other members?
If you have fewer than 3,000 posts and/or you just registered in the last couple of months, you definitely might want to rethink whether to post that witty put-down you thought of. Seriously, the idea is for these forums to be enjoyable.

Can I put down members who registered more recently than I did and call them noobs and brag about my two weeks on before they arrived?
Would prefer it if you did not.

How long do I have to edit my posts?
You have five minutes. If you canít control your temper, donít post angry. reserves the transferrable right to archive and disseminate all posts made on in perpetuity i.e. forever and ever throughout the universe. Posters retain all copyright which does not conflict with the posts appearing on a forum and being archived in a database. But donít post it if you might want to deny it later.

My new boyfriend is emo and not into goth or horror, so how can I delete my account and remove all my posts?
You can't. What part of five minutes and in perpetuity is confusing you? Who you have been is still part of who you are and your new boyfriend should just learn to deal with it.

Can I post my social/political views no matter how pig ignorant they are?
Yes, but there is an outside chance particularly inflammatory epithets and such may be automatically starred out and you may not attempt to get around the autostar system. People will still know what you mean. Please keep political posts in the Politics forum.

Can I use the boards to spew libel?

Can I post personal stuff?
You are welcome to post personal information about yourself. You bought a new coffin-shaped coffee table and want to show it off, that is fine. Your dog died and you want sympathy, post away. You are having a party and want to invite everyone, you can post your home address. It is up to you. But, be aware that once you put that information out there, it is essentially impossible to take back and accepts no responsibility for your personal disclosure choices.

What is the site privacy policy?
As you probably know, if you've been using the internet for more than five minutes, pretty much all web sites, where you can set up a profile or see an ad banner or buy something, have to use cookies and/or similar methodologies to deliver you a good user experience and manage what happens on the business end of the site. This site uses cookies and related technologies. This site's ad partners use cookies and related technologies. If we find out a particular ad partner is being particularly egregiously intrusive, we will probably be inclined to boot them, so please contact us, if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Specific information about your activities on this site or the site you arrived here from or the site you go to afterwards is generally not personally identifiable. In the rare instances where it is personally identifiable, we reserve the right to disclose that data if we, ya know, feel like it. A lot of sites have longer privacy policies than this one, with a lot of legalese in them, but this is what they all pretty much boil down to. Mostly, these technologies make the internet a lot more fun and a lot more useful. To the extent that these technologies suck, to truly escape them, we'd have to go completely off the grid with no internet access, no bank account, no telephone, no credit cards, no employment history, no drivers license, no . . . well, you get the idea. There should be no expectation of privacy here. Privacy is something lucky people used to have in times gone by.

Can I post personal stuff about other people?

Can I start forty threads on the same topic?

Can I start forty threads on the same topic if I am drunk?
Still no.

Can I start forty threads on the same topic if I am drunk on absinthe which is totally goth?
Deeply still no.

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