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Freakshow 106: Strongman Competition

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Tonight the Venice Beach Freakshow is hosting a strongman competition. It looks to be the opponents will be The Illustrated Penguin, who can lift five to ten pounds through his stretched ear lobes, and Billy Owen, Todd’s mystery character tonight. In between meeting The Illustrated Penguin and Billy Owen, we see a fellow lifting weights by putting blunt hooks into his eye sockets with weights on chains, and Morgue treats us to a quick hook through his mouth and out his nose trick.

Billy Owen is a cancer survivor and a medical miracle that was told he had less than ten percent chance of making it through his disease. He wears an eye patch over his right eye and soon reveals, by removing the patch, that the treatment he received for the cancer necessitated the removal of his entire right eye and almost half of his mouth. When he removes the plastic orthotic over his eye and another inside his mouth, he’s able to put his finger through the roof of his mouth and out the hole where his eye had been. It’s a shocking story and an even more awe-inducing act. Throughout all of this, Billy’s positive and healthy outlook on life proves to be remarkable.

Andrew, the guy from the beginning who used his eye sockets for weights, is planning on pulling a car from his eye sockets. Now wait a minute, Todd has pulled out another surprise for us. He has The Great Nippelini and his ‘nipples of death’ dropping by, as well. Another interesting performance by Andrew showed him inserting spiral shaped metal rods driven by an electric drill into his nose and out his mouth. If you haven’t got a little squeamish tonight, that last one should do it for you, folks.

Nippelini is planning on using a four-wheeled cart, filled with as many people as possible, to pull around with his nipples. Later, Danielle and Ali and Creature go to the hardware store to buy some chain for the guys to use for their various acts. The expressions on the clerks’ faces are classic and do you blame them? How often do they get that request? Or maybe we don’t really want to the know the answer to that…

First up is the Penguin lifting a weighted bucket from his ear lobes. Next, Nippelini pulls the cart with four women in it around the front of the freakshow with ease. Andrew comes out next and pulls a 3,800 pound truck from his eye sockets. This one gave me pain to watch, I admit it. For the finale it’s Billy. Once the audience is inside, he explains his medical condition and shows the crowd, humbly, his anomaly. The crowd respects him and the show comes to a close with Billy embracing his wife on stage to swelling applause.

Maybe the most intriguing and shocking episode yet, Freakshow continues to find the acts and characters to keep me watching, wondering what will be next.

freakshow episode 106 strongman competition creature morgue

freakshow episode 106 strongman competition morgue

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