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Freakshow 107, Freaks of Nature

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Tonight, Todd brings us more freaks with the seventh episode titled, “Freaks of Nature”. In his attempt to recreate one of the most rare pitch cards in the world, Todd has invited Jim the Armless Wonder and Jesse the Halfman to come and stay at his home. In this famous pitch card we see a man with no arms and a man with no legs riding a tandem bicycle, who strikingly resemble the two men above in physical attributes. In the meantime, we see Todd and Danielle maneuvering around their kitchen as Todd gently washes his conjoined turtles and Danielle stumbles upon a chupacabra infected with flesh-eating beetles hiding out in her freezer next to the waffles, naturally. I can only imagine what it must be like living in the Ray house.

Next, we see Jim driving Jesse to Todd’s house, using his feet to steer the specially adapted car. It turns out that Jesse attended regular high school where he played baseball and was the number one pitcher, winning championships with his feet. Jesse also was able to lead a normal life, even playing football. He later went on to open up a satellite business, hanging the dishes by himself. These two men are inspirations as they have not let their disabilities hold them back. When shown the pitch card, Jim notices that the photo was taken while the bicycle was not moving. He proposes taking it one step further and having him and Jesse actually ride the bike down the boardwalk.

The two-headed bearded dragons from the first episode have made a reappearance tonight. They were named Chang and Eng after the original Chinese twins who were also in the sideshow attraction and were connected in the same way, by a thin sheet of skin on their torsos. Todd and Phoenix have noticed how the dragons battle with each other on what they want to do, leaving one dragging the other against its wishes. Todd believes it may be more humane to check into getting them separated in order to bring them some peace and better quality of life and he plans on consulting with a veterinarian.

We see Jim shaving and going through his morning routine using his feet. It seems so natural because it is for him. Having been born without arms, this is the only thing he’s known. Jesse made the same observation earlier, and we see it as he makes it down the stairs with ease.

At the show later, the audience is treated to a very spirited Jesse and Jim, and also the other regular performers, such as Murrugun doing some sword swallowing.

Todd talks to a vet and they do an x ray to see if the operation is possible. There are a few ribs fused, but their organs are separate, yet they cannot tell if their lungs are functioning as one, or are separate as well. With the surgery will come risks, including how they would fare after. This leaves Todd worried and deep in thought as he considers his decision.
A visit to the bike store turns up a tandem bike that Murrugun will modify so that Jim and Jesse can ride it. At a bar, Jim and Jesse shoot a mean game of pool.

Todd finally decides to leave the dragons conjoined after receiving feedback from his family. With the risk of them dying while going under anesthesia, he comes to the conclusion that it simply isn’t worth losing them.

Jim and Jesse prepare to ride the tandem bike. With an audience gathered outside the Venice Beach Freakshow, they mount the bicycle and with a countdown, they’re off. Amazingly, Jesse sits in the front, steering, as Jim is in the back, pedaling, bringing a wonderful end to tonight’s episode.

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