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Gothic Anime Come To Life – Makeup Tutorial

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I wasn’t a big fan of anime until I stumbled upon Hellsing. Ghouls and monsters walking the land, tormenting humanity, while the most powerful vampire of all uses his power to save the day. The concept was right up my alley, and it introduced me to a whole myriad of anime works that dealt with the supernatural.

This is why I like this makeup tutorial, because Lee Zy Reen reminds me of my very own anime journey while she brings the visual style from anime characters and mixes it with Gothic elements to create something fantastic while she shows us the step-by-step process of how to recreate this look, making it super easy to follow along to the instructions for this great style that works with subtle white details on the eyes to make them appear larger, true anime style, and she also adds touches of highlighter on the lips to give them a semi-glossy finish that enhances the fiction-come-to-life concept that makes this makeup style so refreshing.

Gothic Anime Come To Life - Makeup Tutorial

Hi loves!

This look was inspired by Ms. Kina Shen. Follow her on IG. Hope you like this video. Thank you for watching!

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