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Marianne Episode IV Recap

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Let’s see what fantastic horrors await in this episode of Marianne, shall we?

In the opening sequence for this episode, Emma is at the hospital, and we see her crying. Her dad and Camille can be seen on the beds on the sides and Séby arrives to take Emma to her mother’s funeral.

Then we cut to Emma and her friends together. They eat and then Emma goes to the bathroom to sneak a drink, and when she flips the sink tap to wash her face, steam comes out and exposes the word “Write” in the mirror, a message from Marianne, who’s determined to not let her go that easily.

After this, Inspector Ronan arrives and talks to Emma about the old lady, who’s now once again herself after Marianne left her body, but with the concept that she never leaves empty-handed, Ronan reveals that the old lady is now blind, as if her optical nerves had been torn from the inside. Emma goes to see the woman and she apologizes for her evil deeds under Marianne’s possession, and tells her that the witch existed long before her, and that Emma’s writings somehow helped her come back, that Emma and Marianne are somehow connected. Once again, the old lady advises her to write, fearing that Marianne will make her life a living nightmare like she did hers if she refuses.

The inspector and Emma leave and make a pact to team up against Marianne, and he tells her not to write anymore. He instructs her to go home, but to resist Marianne no matter what. He then visits the old lady’s house to investigate.

This scene has a nice little detail to show that the house is still under the influence of witchcraft, because when Inspector Ronan and his men smash the door open, a piece of the letterbox with the family’s name on it cracks, as it could feel the damage, or was letting someone know of the break-in.

When they open one of the doors inside the house, Ronan discovers a dead body along with lots of the flesh bags that Marianne made. From the man’s wounds, we can see that Marianne used his flesh for the bags, and as Ronan and his men investigate further, they discover that the man is apparently still alive, but paralyzed, and Ronan cuts the hair that ties the bags to the ceiling to release him.

Ronan then goes to see the man from the esoteric shop to show him a book he found at the old lady’s house, full of texts and strange symbols drawn in blood on its pages, but the man refuses to see him. Nevertheless, after some persuasion, Ronan convinces him to help, and the shopkeeper reveals that the text is a forbidden tongue that shouldn’t be spoken and that, since the church tried witches who spoke it, he could maybe find more information on the church’s book that keeps the records of all the witch trials. The man continues to explain that one of the markings Ronan found is a seal that a witch uses, but he doesn’t know much about it, except for the fact that knowing the witch’s name gives you a bit of power over her.

Ronan then goes to the church to get access to the records that the church keeps on with trials, called the “Molitor Report”, but the priest catches him stealing it, so Ronan must make a quick getaway and go back to the shopkeeper for more information.

The shopkeeper gives Ronan a book the “Nuremberger Hexenhammer”, and Pat, the shopkeeper, tells him that the seal he found belongs to a demon called Beleth, the king of 85 legions in hell. Afer this, both men say goodbye and we cut to Emma, who sees the writing in the mirror telling her to write and writes an insult underneath it.

Immediately after, she gets a call and goes to the hospital to find that Sophie, Seby’s wife, is having her baby, and they’ve requested the presence of all their friends in the delivery room. As usual, an uncomfortable Emma tries to leave, but Aurore tells her that she is making a scene and that it is an important event for Séby and Sophie, and in a strange moment, Aurore says a weird line about Emma listening to her mom as usual, which is impossible, because she is dead. Then, the lights start to flicker and go out all through the hospital, and when the doctor starts to get the baby out, one of his hands comes out bloody, and he steps back, scared, only to see a black hand coming out of Sophie, and instead of a baby, she delivers a slimy black monster.

That’s when Emma wakes up and it is revealed here that she was dreaming again, and the previous scene was just one of her terrible nightmares. To her surprise, she soon gets a call from one of her friends, telling her that Séby is about to be a father, and she goes to the hospital immediately.

Emma is uneasy about the birth, and wonders if they’ll go in, but her friends tell her that they are doing enough just by being there, but Emma fears, inspired by her dream, that things will go wrong during the birth. Her friends try to calm her down, but Emma wants to go check if everything is fine, and when she can get past them, Séby meets them and tells them that he is a father, and everything went smoothly.

We now go back to Ronan, in his car, as he checks the report from the church and finds an account of Marianne’s story and how tragedy seemed to follow her during her life, and how out of all of the terrible things that she went though, she was always the only one that seemed to come out alive and well. The story of Marianne tells us that, after her children and husband died, maybe even by her own hand, Marianne makes a deal with Beleth, and then is executed for witchcraft, but before she dies, she curses the world, saying that she will not really die, and will come back to hurt her enemies and their descendants, and here the line: “I never leave empty-handed” is spoken by her, revealing its origin, before she is burned to purify her so that her soul can rest in peace.

Emma is back at the hospital, talking to her dad, when one of her friends arrives. She tries to comfort her, telling her that, when Lucie died fifteen years ago, Emma’s parents were supportive, which gives us one more piece of the puzzle about what happened in Emma’s past. Her friend, Aurore, then tells a story about how she went to see a medium after Lucie, her sister, died, and how he talked to her to calm her down, telling her things that nobody else would know about her, and that she realized that, wherever Lucie was, she was fine, and that Emma’s parents were very supportive during that troubling time, and she is grateful to them for it.

We cut to Emma about to sleep, but she can’t because she hears noises, and a strange voice calling her name. At this moment, she sees a hand creeping out of the closet door, but it is only visible through the mirror, and when she turns to look at the actual closet, it is shut and the hand gone, and then when she looks back in the mirror, she sees the creeping hand again.

Emma then turns one more time, and sees a woman dressed in a black mourning gown reaching out to her, and as soon as the hands touch Emma, we cut to the hole in the grass where Marianne used to be in a few episodes ago. As this happens, the woman tells Emma that if she is not writing, they’ll play instead.

The camera then zooms into the hole and when we see what’s inside, it cuts to one of the fishermen from the beginning of the previous episode, who is hearing something strange, but when he looks to see where the noise came from, he can’t see anything or anyone, although we hear quick footsteps approaching him while the camera closes in on him, as if we, the audience, were the creature stalking him, but when he turns around, the movement stops.

As the tension mounts, we see the same old lady that Emma saw, and she reaches out to grab the man. When she is about to hold him, we cut to Aurore sleeping, and she wakes up when the same strange voice that called Emma’s name as she was trying to sleep calls her “Nana”, which is how her sister used to call her.

Startled by this, Aurore feels someone crawling under the bed, and convinced that there’s something or someone there with her, she looks under it, and discovers a girl with shiny demon-like eyes staring at her. Aurore tries to convince herself that this is a nightmare, and she has an exchange with the girl, who tells her that everything is her and Emma’s fault. After this, Aurore tells the girl to get out from under the bed, and she replies that she is not under the bed, but on her head, and out of the ground a hand comes up and pulls Aurore’s hair in a horrifying instant.

The camera immediately cuts to a crib being guarded by a security camera, but the monitor feed starts to glitch, and we see all the other monitors working fine, except that there’s a woman now with the baby the glitchy camera is guarding, and when she approaches the crib, the feed goes offline completely, causing the on-call nurse to try and get the monitors to work again, but she is interrupted when a baby starts to cry and she goes to check on him. Turns out, it’s Seby’s newborn, and as they go see him, the camera shows the monitor coming back on again, and the crying suddenly stops.

Séby and the nurse go to the crib, and find a crumpled sheet on it, which was supposed to be covering the baby. Séby pulls on it, but instead of a baby, he sees one of Marianne’s bags. The camera moves in to show the bag, and everything goes to black.

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