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Necronomicon Fanzine

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Looking through some of the links to things related to the annual Whitby Goth Weekend, which appropriately occurs around Halloween each year, along with the related Bram stoker Film Festival which is held somewhat concurrently and ran across this fun little horror zine from the UK called the Necronomicon Fanzine. If you are into cult Horror cinema and quirky zines, this one looks like a good addition to your collection. You could pick it up when you go to the Bram stoker Film Festival and Whitby, or you could simply Paypal this creepy fellow Necro Neil a buck (well, a pound actually, plus shipping and handling.)

Since 2001 Necronomicon fanzine has been entirely written and put together by a manic depressive geek known as ‘Necro Neil’. Inspired by his childhood of being brought up on horror films in the 80’s. Ten years on he is still writing and self publishing about his life experiences with the horror genre in the same cut and paste style to a cult following.

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