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RazorCandi Dress Like a Freak Meme Banned from Facebook

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Beautiful goth and horror icon RazorCandi used to have a Facebook page with almost 150,000 followers, but Facebook unpublished the page. Supposedly this happens because there are too many complaints, but she just posted one of the images which apparently got a lot of negative feedback. It is a meme of her looking very deathrock in a cemetery and it says: “Oh, I dress like a freak? Please explain to me what “normal” is in grave detail.” I assume she was not banned just for this post, but how crazy is it that this was one of the most complained about posts on her page. What is wrong with “normal” people?

Anyway, there are a few hours left for you to back her Kickstarter for the RazorCandi gothic punk deathrock pinup coffee table art book. You can get a book of photographs of this gothic beauty, you can get custom photos, you can get ad pages for your gothic business, you can get goth T-shirts, and, if she meets her stretch goal, which it looks like she will, you could get a free goth pinup calendar too.

oh I dress like a freak please explain to me what normal is in grave detail

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