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Snazzy Witch Doctor Makeup Tutorial

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Are you ready?

I have a confession to make: Dr. Facilier is easily one of my favorite villains, as I think he actually was in a position to some very dangerous things. I mean, the way he just toyed with people’s lives? That’s ace bad guy material right there!

Anyway, the reason I say this is because this Witch Doctor makeup tutorial by Madalyn Cline takes some inspiration from that character to create a very special look for Halloween, and you’ll surely want to put your mind at ease and pay attention to this one, because it comes together beautifully with the white base, purple shades and black-line details that give the makeup a sweet voodoo appearance, and the best element about this is that, if you like, you can change around some colors to create a varied style that’ll impress your friends on the other side!

And I’ve got friends on the other side……💀

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