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Introductions This is a forum for members (new and old) to introduce themselves and get to know each other. Start a new thread and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about what you like and what you are into and such.

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Old 11-18-2023, 07:17 AM   #1
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hi i'm faye !!

hey all ^^, i'm faye, 17, and i live in honkey tonk southern u.s! there's only maybe 3 goths in my area, so i want to find friends like me :3. i've had an account here for a while, but haven't had the courage to really put myself out there ;_;..

im super into goth music--my favorite bands being siouxsie and the banshees, lebanon hanover, strawberry switchblade, and the cure. i love goth fashion, too! though, i am super lazy and don't dress up often.. but black is pretty much the only color i wear. i'm also a HUGE literary nerd, so plsplspls lets talk about books !!! ask for my goodreads :3. i like to read fantasy, gothic literature (obvs) and i've been in a classics kick recently. i'm cr frankenstein (obsessed), and i just finished the bell jar (loved it).

tell me something about yourself or whatever you want >.< i'd love to get to know y'alll :')
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Old 11-22-2023, 01:40 AM   #2
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Hey Faye!!!
Welcome to the madhouse. So glad you've made the leap of faith to say hi.

I love all sorts of music with a heavy lean towards the darker side...Siouxsie, The Mission, Sisters, Switchblade, Zombie Girl, Emilie Autumn, Black Sabbath, Rammstein just to name a few. I read a bit, mostly fantasy stuff but I like most genres. Clothing wise I lean towards black and purple but like to mix things up so often have wild splashes of colour or go totally

I hope you keep posting here, it is a bit quiet but if people keep posting iot will get better again...
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