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"Argentum-Mori" a new French Goth-Rock band
Categories: Bands
Description: Argentum-Mori plays a modern Goth-Rock, based on natural grand piano and low male vocal. The pure rock rhythm section sounds strong and powerful, added with 7-strings, no-compromise guitar riffs. You can define this style like dark and romantic, melodic and at the same time heavy, modern-sounding. A dark, gothic atmosphere comes from the medieval and classical roots, due to Gregorian chant, baroque-influenced melodies. Also, the grand piano parts are fed with 18th century European romanticism. 7-string guitar riffs strengthen and speeds up these romantic melodies, make them more aggressive and modern. Notice the small tinge of Slavic culture which inspires melancholic arrangements and bright acoustic guitar .
Title: "Argentum-Mori" a new French Goth-Rock band
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