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Music Finally, an entire forum devoted to talking about Doktor Avalanche, the drum machine for the Sisters of Mercy. You can talk about other bands, or other members of that band, too, if you want to be UNCOOL.

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The Nosferatu Announce Tour

Seminal 90s Gothic Rock band The Nosferatu have announced a series of live shows for 2022 and 2023.

5/11/22 Temple, Athens, Greece

25/11/22 Electrowerkz, London, UK

28/1/23 Portland, Cambridge, UK

24/2/23 Black Box, Tijuana, Mexico

25/2/23 Eutanasia Fest, CDMX, Mexico

29/4/23 Tomorrows Ghosts, Whitby, UK

The Nosferatu are a UK gothic rock band featuring original members of the 90s era of Nosferatu, responsible for writing classic songs like Dark Angel, Siren, Rise and Inside The Devil.

If you like Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Mission, The Damned or Type O Negative you will find something to love here.
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Live ritual works & late night liturgies in the very heart of Athens. french drain repair miami
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concerts , gigs , goth , gothic rock , nosferatu

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