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Fashion DIY tips and gratuitous plugs. And hair. Hair! Flow it, show it. That's some hippie musical. Nevermind.

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Smile Extreme Heels I designed for Dame Darcy

This special edition High Heel was inspired partially from an illustration Darcy did and a comment from her friend (DJ Stigmata) to make Stiletto Crux heels in an 1980ís style. I wanted to design something very sexy and fun.

I thought about how I could mix it up and make something that harbored back to the old days of the 80ís Dark/Gothic Rock scene. I thought back on my time growing up in NYCís East Village. I went back to the memories of the old Religious Sex store, to The Funhouse store where I use to help out. I was always inspired by dark fashion, especially edgy and the romantic period inspired stuff.

I went back to some of my old ideas and fashion illustrations and refreshed them into new weird contemporary styles. My love of Dark rock, vintage Mopeds, High Heels, High Fashion and Industrial design inspired a lot of this. I envisioned the design and worked on the box. It features some of my graphics and Dame Darcy's Meatcake cartoon art. She signs each box personally.

Check out some photos I made of the prototype extreme heels. I showed them off recently at one of our Wednesdays darkwave shows. I have more designs in the works. If you want to know more about my art & design, feel free reach out anytime.


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Inspired by the eclectic mix of 80's Dark/Gothic Rock and industrial design, I created the Smile Extreme Heels for Dame Darcy. Drawing from memories of NYC's East Village and the old Religious Sex store, I fused elements of dark fashion, vintage mopeds, and romantic period aesthetics. The result? A provocative blend of edgy, contemporary styles that pay homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of high fashion. Each pair comes in a box adorned with my graphics and Dame Darcy's Meatcake cartoon art, personally signed by her. Stay tuned for more avant-garde designs in the pipeline!
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