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Walking Dead – Arrow on the Doorpost

the walking dead daryl dixon

On Walking Dead, authority always wins, the Great Failed Treaty of ’13 yields yawns, Andrea picks a side, and Glen and Maggie reveal a new rule for Zombieland. The crux of this episode is the meeting between Rick and the Governor, arranged by Andrea and set up in neutral territory, an old barn. While Rick […]

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Immortalized, Episode 4: Your Worst Nightmare

immortalized your worst nightmare

Tonight, we have the challenger, Cat Grey, going up against the Immortalizer, Dave Houser. Cat uses the words creative, morbid, and evil genius to describe herself. She’s considered a rogue taxidermist. Houser has been a taxidermist since high school and has many awards to his name. He also enjoys dancing in his studio. Could be […]

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Freakshow 104: Human Pin Cushion

freakshow episode 104 murrugun

With a shocking start to episode four, “Human Pin Cushion,” we see Murrugun shoving skewers through his arm. He has agreed to do the famous human pin cushion act for the Venice Beach Freakshow. This act goes back thousands of years where people would pierce themselves in multiple locations throughout their bodies without bleeding. Murrugun […]

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Face Off – It’s Better in the Dark

It’s lights out on Face Off, and two contestants are eliminated. Plus, food poisoning! Last week I made fun of the weekly, “I’m so sad that {person who was eliminated last week} is gone,” that starts off every episode. When Autumn was eliminated, I kind of wondered if it would hold true this week. It […]

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Lost Girl – There’s Bo Place Like Home

On Lost Girl, a road trip gives us a glimpse of the old Kenzi while Bo sets out to grant forgiveness, and realizes she’s really the one who needs forgiving. If that seems a little too Lifetimey, there’s a Polish demon and cleavage galore. Bo is training to endure “The Dawning,” which is some kind […]

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The Following Episode 7: Let Me Go

The Following on FOX, Episode 7, Let Me Go

This just may be the most important episode of The Following yet. In “Let Me Go” we see many unexpected events culminate that will allow for the story to continue in its complex arc. As usual, the question becomes, who is a part of the following tonight. Emma takes Joey to a spooky abandoned building […]

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Walking Dead – Clear

“You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.” This episode of Walking Dead was a throwback to season one, back when every episode left you wrung out and emotionally exhausted. Horror and anguish and humor and gore and ass-kicking zombie battles. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on a road trip. We get our first […]

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