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Mysticism In Modern Times – Makeup Tutorial

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We tend to think of witches as old creatures that must still wear worn out robes and brew strange things in rusty pewter cauldrons, but what if they are actually not like that at all? What if they, in their attempts to blend in with modern society, went further with their fashion choices and decided to update their looks to the 21st century?

Well, that’s the idea that this great makeup tutorial by BrushBara plays with, as she creates a contemporary-looking witch style that retains the mystical feel about the character, but it gives her a bit of a modern makeover whilst maintaining the energy of demonic power and allure that characterizes witches in this spooky version, leaving a smooth and beautiful face, but adding some noticeable dark smudges on her fingers to hint at the corruption that her deals with the underworld have left imprinted on her skin.



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