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Vampiric Magnetism – Makeup Tutorial

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Among the characteristics that vampires are famous for, we have blood and fangs. Usually, when someone characterizes themselves as a vampire for a costume in a movie or for a Halloween event, we see the menacing fangs and drops of blood on their face, proving that they are dangerous creatures with no regard for humankind, whom they view only as a midnight snack or nothing more than cattle.

However, we can also say that this elements have been overused in late depictions of the blood-thirsty creatures of the night, which is why PICTURRESQUE I Regina’s makeup tutorial to create a vampire style is so fantastic, because she brings forward other characteristics of vampires, like their imposing, yet charming, presence, and puts it together in combination with white colors on the face with red on the eyes to create that sense of decay and supernatural energy that makes vampires so captivating.

This is truly one of the best vampire portrayals I’ve seen in years. It is so good, in fact, that you could even include it in your repertoire of everyday gothic looks, and not necessarily as a Halloween style only.

?Welcome to my first Halloween Tutorial ?

Used Products
Secret Key – Snow White Milky Lotion
Cargo Foundation – F10
Gosh – Lighten Drops for Foundation and Concealer
Kryolan – TN2
Dior – Blush 783
Sephora – 06 Beige Clair
Grimas – Color Powder 00
Rival de Loop – Illuminating Drops pearls

Kryolan – Color Spray grey
A´pieu – Skinny Brow Concealer

Fenty – Eye Primer
Kryolan – TN 1 Palette
NYX – Licorice Lane Shadow Palette
Inglot – 79
NYX – Worth the Hype Mascara
Zoeva – Opulence
Tammy Tanuka – FireDancer Pigment

NYX – Licorice Lane Shadow Palette
The Balm – Adoring
Melt – Bloodshot

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