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The Horror Zine’s Book of Monster Stories Submission Guidelines (Paying Market)

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The Horror Zine, founded by award-winning editor and writer Jeani Rector, is currently reading for a monsters anthology. Full guidelines are on their site.

We are looking for monsters, creatures, beasts, mutants, monstrosities, frightening oddities, malformations, altered insects or animals, mythical creatures, monsters from space or from bodies of water, or something we can’t even imagine but you can.

We are not looking for vampires, werewolves, mummies, or Frankenstein (unless it is something totally unique). We are not looking for ghosts. We are not looking for human beings.

All stories must be original: never before published anywhere. Word count is between 2K and 5K words. All submissions must be on Word or RTF (no PDFs), single spaced, with 0.3 indentations of paragraphs. Please do not use the space bar over and over to create paragraphs indents.

We are accepting original story submissions beginning on February 1, 2023 and ending May 15, 2023. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Payment will be $20 upfront per accepted story in lieu of a contributor’s copy. Of course, the theme is monsters.

Story acceptance will not be easy, so please only submit your best works to Please put the words “Monster Anthology” in the subject line of your email.

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