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Ethereal Might And Knowledge – Goth Makeup Tutorial

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Emilina Nicole brings colors and gems together in this makeup tutorial to create a nice White Witch look for making an impression going to the grocery store, and there’s a certain level of mystique to it, as it is the look of a witch that seems to have such understanding of the energies that make this world work and how to manipulate them, showing not just an almost ethereal and imposing look about her, but an energy, a pull, a sense of the otherworldly that sends shivers down your spine as her eyes seem to reveal to you that she knows not only who you are, were and want to be, but that she also understands exactly why you are in her presence, and has already decided whether or not to honor your request, and the price she’ll ask in return for her mighty intervention before you have even had a chance to open your mouth to voice a greeting. Such is the magical ability of a witch, and this one wears her power on her sleeve.

HEY BEST FRIEND!!!! This look is far spookier than the last one, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about 😉 This look is very interpretive so you can change it and make it your own as you please! I had a lot of fun with this one so I hope you ENJOY!

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TAG me in your Halloween makeup/costume posts! Id love to see what you come up with.

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