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Dark Demonic Gifts – Makeup Tutorial

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Cassi Jene` uses dark colors to make this Demonic Witch look come to life, and I particularly like how she creates the style by adding some black lines that stream down her face from her eyes, which could be tears, or a style of warpaint, or maybe even be streams of dark energy that escape her eyes, since the witch she is portraying could be so full of that evil energy that it simply pours out of her, which is an idea I like because it goes well with the tone of the dark style she is creating.

There’s also the golden flakes she chose to add around her neck and on her eyelids, which also match the golden glitter on her lips, which again could be interpreted as them being small crystals of energy that have formed on her body, perhaps showing the toll her dark powers have taken on her human side, or they could be there as visual decoys for unsuspecting victims that fall for the promise of banal gifts, only to end up with their very souls subjugated by this Demonic Witch.

I hope you guys are enjoying the halloween makeup looks I’m doing I want to film a lot more so stay tunes for that. Also, I do post these looks on my Insta gram so go follow me on there @cassi.jene 🙂 THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE
morphs brushes 35M palette
NYX cosmetics black paint
KAT VON D black lipsticks in slayer
gold flakes from micheals craft store
( anything I do not list or say in the video I do not recommend but I am not a fan of wasting product so I use it anyways)

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