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Shiny Fantasy Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

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NsomniaksDream has the idea that not all Halloween makeup styles need to be spooky to be effective for this season, and to prove it, she prepared this incredible Unicorn makeup tutorial for you to be able to recreate the look and see for yourself how right she is, because you can totally rock this look at your next party.

The Unicorn makeup focuses on pink colors, and it takes special attention to the eyes, where you can see that NsomniaksDream uses a black eyeliner and fake lashes to highlight her eyes a bit more, and she also includes a white line on her lower eyelid that helps add that innocent and magical appearance to her gaze, which is exactly how I imagine a unicorn’s eyes would look if it stared at you.

This style also incorporates some props to complete the Unicorn concept, so a crown with the horn and a pink wig are added to bring some more elegance to the look, and NsomniaksDream also uses some jewels and glitter to enhance the shiny and magical feel of the overall makeup.

Thought I was overdue for a proper Unicorn makeup tutorial perfect for Halloween or your next fantasy party!

Not all the looks for Halloween can be creepy and terrifying right?
OK they absolutely COULD but I wanted some color and glitter in the line up for this year ;D
Hope you guys enjoy this one, let me know your thoughts!
~ NYX Total Control Drops Foundation*
~ NYX Pro Foundation Mixer: White
~ Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder*
~ SUVA Beauty: Cupcakes and Monster Palette: Shadow colors:
Sangria Sundays
Funny Face
~ Make Up For Ever: Artist Palette Vol. 3*
~ GOSH Iridescent Eye Pigment (Discontinued)
But any shimmer white shade or gold would work
~ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: Milk*
~ NYX Matte Liquid Liner*
~ Smashbox X-Rated Mascara*
~ Lashes were admittedly a no name set of 10 pairs from a beauty store
~ The Gypsy Shrine Diamond Chest Piece
~ The Gypsy Shrine hair face and body glitter:
Dark Unicorn
Rainbow Pink
~ Pros Aide skin adhesive*
~ Teardrop Light Crystal AB Acrylic Special Effect Rhinestones
~ Sigma Beauty Liquid Lipstick: Fox Glove*
~ Sephora Liquid Lipstick: Wisteria
~ Wig is from PowderRoomD
~ Primal Lenses: Phantom
~ UNICORN CROWN Created by Wire Princess

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