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A Spectacle Of Radiance – Dark Makeup Tutorial

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An inventive idea by SchminkenGrime, this makeup tutorial shows you how to create a butterfly look for woodland picnics near haunted forests, and the result is so colorful and amazing, that it actually captures the radiance of butterfly wings, and makes you want to stare at it for hours, observing every hue, shade and color added to the look, from the thick lines that define the outline of the wings to the details and solid colors it presents on the sections that represent the wings themselves.

This accurate portrayal of a butterfly reminds you about the beauty of nature, how mesmerizing it can be, and above all, how beautiful a gothic look can be if you work with the right concept and apply the exact amount of attention to detail to create something exceptional, which is exactly what this makeup tutorial does, and why it is so marvelous.

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Halloween Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial | Halloween Look | Halloween Makeup

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