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Grunge In Scarlet – Makeup Tutorial

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Alice Lockhart is here to show you how to put together a perfect grunge style that works for concerts, parties, and even for you to wear in your daily activities. In fact, it is so glamorous and stylish that you could wear it almost anywhere you choose, and it would look absolutely amazing.

The makeup style is a smooth and exciting look that plays with the color red, and it goes with a blend of different shades around the eyes to boost the design while creating a sweet smokey eye effect that gives the whole concept more magnetism, and in order to keep with the monochrome motif throughout the style, the lips are also a deep-red color with some shades added in a darker hue to make them look more dynamic.

All in all, this is a great idea you should consider trying out, because the result is something that will surely become one of your favorite dark grunge styles to wear all year round.

Alll RED Errrthang! I love doing these monochromatic grungy looks!
This one is super easy and I think anyone can re-create it!

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