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Refined Vampirism – Makeup Tutorial

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For this tutorial, kitty smith has a bold look for you that’s so easy to put together with her guidance that you’ll be reaching for your palette as you watch it so you can recreate it as she shows you each of the steps required to accomplish it.

This look is a vampire style, and she achieves it by utilizing purple eyeshadows coupled with darker colors to accentuate the eyes. There’s a nice detail here, because while she goes with purple and recommends it for this tutorial, she also suggest some experimentation with another color of your choice, since the look also lends itself for variety.

She also adds some long false eyelashes, white highlights on the face and a deep-red lipstick that emphasizes the look, creating the imposing and alluring style of a vampire while keeping all the components modest enough so you can use this style on a daily basis if you choose to.

hi my little vampires, join me in this vampiric makeup look today!!
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