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Hollow Vampirism – Goth Makeup Tutorial

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Vampires have been portrayed in many different ways throughout the years, and today, Alicia Bice has a makeup tutorial for you where she presents a different take on the look that showcases darker colors that help keep the vampiric mystique alive while adding a touch of gothic elegance to the mix.

She uses purple and black tones to make the style stand out, and she goes for a nice technique on the inner side of her eyes, which consists of adding the eyeshadow close to the nose while circling the eye to make it look more hollow, which is a nice addition that centers your attention on the mesmerizing gaze that this effect creates.

She also goes for a darker lipstick, and increases the supernatural effects of the overall look by adding some thin and sharp red lines all around her eyes, to create the impression that the veins around her lids are popping out, which increases the undead-like finish of the vampiric look.

Hey y’all! For today’s look I am doing a Vampire Diaries inspired vampire. That is one of my favorite TV shows, so I thought it would be perfect. Have y’all seen The Vampire Diaries?

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