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A Celestial Presence – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Want to experience what it’s like to be an angel for Halloween?

If that’s the case, then Danika Daisley’s got you covered, because she’s prepared a super easy and quick tutorial for you to recreate her look, which portrays an angelic style that makes you look as a celestial being with porcelain skin, eyes that seem to survey the land with a deep gaze, and a face adorned with gems and gold, which further accentuate the divine look by bestowing upon it an magnificent energy that one can only expect from a being that was created in heaven to inhabit and protect it.

Something noteworthy about this style is how it portrays an angel not with a warm and friendly appearance, but with the commanding qualities that angels are supposed to have, since they are often described as beings that strike fear into the hearts of those who see them, even if they are emissaries from heaven, and the style captures that grand nature flawlessly.

heres a quick 1 min clip, enjoy


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