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A Look Everyone’s Goth To See – Makeup Tutorial

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Alice Lockhart’s videos were the very first makeup tutorials I ever saw a while back, and I’ve always appreciated how she presents not just the informative part in them, the technical aspects, but I also value the uniquely creative and artistic features of the styles she creates, and this Gothic makeup tutorial is no exception, so it solidifies in my mind the idea that she is the queen of makeup tutorials.

The Gothic style that she puts together on this one is all about balancing elements. The light and dark tones she combines manage to complement each other perfectly, and she explains every detail of how she puts together this look, right down to showing us the exact products she uses before she applies them, so we can get those same ones in our emulation of this dramatic style.

There’s another element that I hold dear when it comes to this makeup tutorial, because her soft-spoken guidance, the light tapping we can sometimes hear when Alice Lockhart prepares her brushes and color palettes, and even the soft music in the background create an ASMR feeling that’s very soothing, and as I watch her stylish look come together before my eyes, I notice how swiftly her tutorial flows, making it so I don’t even feel time passing by while she composes this look, which definitely makes this tutorial earn a top spot on my list of favorite Gothic looks, and favorite makeup tutorials as well.

A Look Everyone’s Goth To See – Makeup Tutorial

Today i’m playing with some new colourpop makeup to create this alt but festive purple glam!



••••••••• Featured Products In This Video •••••••••
Gloss Set:
Colourpop “Menage a Muah” Eyeshadow Palette:
White Eyeliner:
Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner
Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara
False Eyelashes
Colourpop “secret crush” Blush:
Colourpop “oh snap” lip liner
Wet N Wild “mauve outta here” lipstick
Ink Of Elation “cream soda” liquid lipstick
Ofra “bordeaux” liquid lipstick

(Used Off Camera)
Purlisse Green Tea Primer (use code ALICE)
Yensa BC Foundation in Fair Cool (Use Code ALICE)
Makeup Revolution Concealer
Kiko Milano Contour Sticks
Laura Mercier Under eye Powder
KVD “Graphite” brow pomade

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Editing Program?
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? Music:
Frozen Star by Kevin Macleod
Dark Sugar Plum Mix by Kevin Macleod

I’ll tell u if it’s sponsored biiiish! Thanks for watching & supporting! I appreciate you!!

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