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The Entrancing Embrace Of Darkness – Makeup Tutorial

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I observe all the brilliant elements present in this Goth/Grunge makeup tutorial by Katie Eve, starting with how she prepares her skin for the makeup, and I begin to notice something: I am completely attentive to her on-screen movements, and I’m watching so closely that, without knowing it, I’ve begun sliding down a rabbit hole of soothing energies that envelops me while the music plays, and while I’m at this ethereal place, I take my time watching her creating this look with the painted freckles on her cheeks, the winged makeup around her eyes, and how she blends all the colors together to create a vibrant look that’s like a warm mist surrounding her gaze.

I am beyond impressed by the result, not only because by Katie Eve shows us how to create a dazzling look, which could definitely be a great choice for everyday use, but also because she mentions that this tutorial has calming qualities, and she also delivers on that promise in a magnificent way.

The Entrancing Embrace Of Darkness  – Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! Todays tutorial is a super relaxing anti-stress gothic/grunge makeup tutorial using products from Makeup Obsession & Anastasia Beverly Hills! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

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Thank you! xox

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