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Face Off: Industrial Revolution

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Face Off Industrial Revolution

A robotic challenge brings out the best in most of the remaining artists on this week’s Face Off.

At Union Station, McKenzie talks about robots replacing humans. Everyone has to pick an occupation and create a robot that can do it, making sure it has a major technological advantage over humans. Right off the bat Daran starts whinging about “not doing robots,” and his photographybot’s design looks hilarious.

This is obviously a very fabrication-heavy challenge, which gives Rashaad a big edge. His fabrication skills are killer. I also loved his time management. At last looks he was just…doing what you’re actually suppoesd to do at last looks. A few touchups and details.

It’s also important to understand your weaknesses. There was a great shot of George morosely describing, “the last time I did fabrication,” with a split screen shot of the rather sorry looking robot he made last week. So George focused on sculpting all of his hairdresser robot. I was dubious about this decision.

Michael Westmore, perhaps because there are only five artists left, seemed to spend more time and have more detailed advice. He seriously saved George’s ass by suggesting he do away with the hair-dryer “boobies.” Also, George, grown men should never utter the word “boobies.”
Speaking of saving asses, Rashaad bailed out Niko, who made a spirited effort at fabrication, but glued everything in place so his joints wouldn’t move.

Daran’s robot wasn’t good. I won’t pile on. What’s odd is that he seemed to have no idea that it wasn’t good. It was also super weak the way he just kept bitching about the challenge. “I don’t do robots. I don’t do robots.” The judges had it pegged.

I thought they were overly rough on Niko. His inexperience as a fabricator showed, but he really captured what he was going for, a sort of big ugly industrial machine that’s been around for years. Yeah it was awkward and bulky. Go look at a steam shovel from the 1960s. The hydraulic cylnders in the arms were really cool, that impressed me. It was good that they didn’t make Niko a bottom look, he was basically the only middle look.

Original_Gigan_1972Though I’d been skeptical about george’s hairdresser bot, he pulled it off. The silvered eye plate is what really pulled it together for me. He basically created Gigan the Hairdresser.

Tyler’s surgical bot came together very nicely, with some clever design choices, especially that spandex undersuit. There was very little actual makeup there, it was almost all fabrication. It’s funny that Tyler and the judges thought that extended vaccuuform faceplate would make the robot more human and friendly to patients, when in fact it made it look creepy as hell. Oh a giant plastic extendo-face with a purple light beaming through it, suuuuuuuper friendly.

Rashaad’s Firebot was freaking amazing. Full armor, toe to head. Great shapes. Functional design. Beautiful use of a the firefighter eagle crest. The best faux industrial weathered paint job I’ve ever seen. I love weathered paint jobs. This was, admittedly, Rashaad’s challenge to win, but he sure as hell didn’t coast. There have been very few designs this season that I (or the judges) would call camera ready, and this one totally was. Awesome job, Rashaad.

Special thanks to cyberaug this week for hooking me up with the photo of Rashaad and his robot.

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