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So you are a webmaster of a gothic or horror web site, the sort of thing readers would love. You can always buy gothic advertising, but we also offer a number of free cross-promotional opportunities for members of the community.

You are welcome to join the Banner Exchange system. You must have a 468×60 banner to use the BanEx. If you would like someone at to make one for you, please contact the advertising folks to give you pricing. As of this writing, the BanEx has 781 users, so that is 781 places you could have your banner showing for free. Sites which show more banners receive more banner shows.

You are invited to join the Topsites. You also need a 468×60 banner for this system. As of this writing, there are 299 topsites members. This means that there are 299 sites exchanging visitors and you could be one of them. Sites which send more visitors are ranked higher on the topsites.

It is nice if you link back, but there are no special requirements for getting listed in the Links Directory. You just have to have a site of thematic interest to readers.

Thanks and hope these free services for the community are of use to you!

With teamed up with LA music producer Raz Klinghoffer for this project.