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The Strain at Dark Horse

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The StrainThe Strain is a novel written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. It originally came out in 2009, the first in a trilogy, that incorporates a new kind of vampire into the already popular mythos. While holding onto some traditional characteristics, they created all new and graphic features. When Dark Horse decided to adapt the novel into a comic book, they asked David Lapham to write it, and Mike Huddleston to be the artist. Huddleston worked very closely with del Toro in order to convey the creatures in detail. You can see some of his artwork over at the Dark Horse website. There are also many other articles on the website concerning the upcoming comic release. In order to celebrate the release of the first comic of The Strain, on December 14, Dark Horse will announce the winner of their Survive the Plague contest, where fans were asked to write about how they would survive the epidemic. The winner of the contest will have the honor of being killed in the second story arc.

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