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Vampiric Refinement – Makeup Tutorial

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An undeniable quality that vampires possess is that they usually have a certain elegance about them; they are captivating beings that can hypnotize you with their style, beauty and presence. This is what makes this makeup tutorial so special, because it focuses exactly on this refined style that makes heads turn whenever a vampire enters a room, after they are invited in, of course.

I especially like how this vampiric portrayal goes for a more regal look to further accentuate the aforementioned enthralling trait that vampires give off wherever they go, and even if this makeup style has a vampiric concept at its core, if you remove the tiara, the look doesn’t necessarily need to be exclusively a Halloween look, or part of a costume. It is so elegant and spot-on that you could wear it as an everyday option to show the world your vampiric side. Such is the versatility of this great concept by Mahafsoun.

Greetings, world. Welcome to another makeup tutorial video. I hope that you enjoy this one. I will try to record more in the future. This one is for a photoshoot that will go up soon, so keep an eye out on my Facebook Page and Instagram!

All background music was made by myself.

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