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The Dawn Of Pure Evil – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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I’m not gonna lie, when I first so the completed look that SchminkenGrime created in this Halloween makeup tutorial, I actually felt the hairs on my arm stand up from how creepy it looked, which is what makes it so perfect for the spooky season.

The look is that of a Possessed Witch, and it shows red eyes, a pale skin, a pentagram, and lots of veins popping out, which give it both a very unsettling appearance, and makes your mind race with thoughts of what a witch that has the arcane knowledge to use whatever power she can control to her advantage could really do if for some reason she happened to allow herself to be possessed by an evil entity that’s even more powerful and evil than she is. What sorts of havoc could she wreck if left unchecked with this potentially limitless power that’s so hard to keep concealed that’s affecting her very body and soul at the same time?

Possessed Witch Makeup Tutorial | Evil Witch Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Makeup | Halloween Look

▷All the Products I used to create this Possessed Witch Makeup Tutorial:
– Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
– Stainless Steel Spatula
– Mehron Face Stipple Sponge
– Mehron Colorset Powder
– Ben Nye Magicake Creature Palette
– TitanicFX Brushes
– Ben Nye Magicake FX Palette
– Mehron Starblend Red
– Mini Sclera Volturi contact Lenses
– VermillionFX Drying Blood, Scab Brown

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