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Ancient Mystical Enchantment – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Prepare to be entranced by this marvelous makeup tutorial by Taylor Bee, where you can see how she creates a special Halloween look that’s inspired by The Mummy and Enchantress from Suicide Squad, and it does seem to bring with it an extraordinary sensation of supernatural power with each brushstroke as the look comes together.

The metallic color that adorns the eyeshadow is fantastic, and Taylor Bee tops it off with little silver dots around the eyes that emphasize them and make them appear almost magical. Add to that the ancient-looking text lines that she writes across her face, and the shiny finish she gives to her lips with an effect that plays with highlights, and you can stare in awe at how she created the look of a character that’s both knowledgeable about all the secrets of the universe and in command of mystical forces beyond our understanding as mere mortals.

This video is about a halloween makeup tutorial, inspired by The mummy, suicide squad ENCHANTRESS and a milk1422 face chart! THANKS FOR WATCHING !!
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