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Demonic Fascination – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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This makeup tutorial by Aleena Averly presents an original take on a demon, and it leaves the horns and charred appearance behind to focuses on showcasing the daunting nature of a being from the underworld. After all, demons are supposed to be charming as well, and when you look at the mesmerizing power this one has, you won’t deny she seems to have the power to convince you to sell her your soul on a whim if she desires to feed on it.

The charming nature she shows with the white color on the top of her face blended into the red tone that comes to life on the lower part of her face and body, coupled with the black lines on her face, give the look an almost fantasy feel, as if this demon was not so much created by the fires of hell, but as the result of several misuses of magick, and that after the caster was done with its experiments, successful or not, this demon decided to come forth from the ethereal plane to collect a hefty price for his entanglement with her realm.

Hey guys! Here is a look based off amazing artwork by Menton3. Takes very few materials and I have always loved his artwork and in particular this look so, had to bring it to you. He has so many amazing paintings, digital art, and tattoo designs, definitely go give him a look and a follow. You won’t be disappointed! Super easy to follow but an effective demon look in the end! I have his social media linked below along with all materials and links for them form the video 🙂


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