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Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf

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Holy epic dragon fire my friends! I know this episode wasn’t as action packed as last week, but for a season finale, man, did they leave us with so much shit to worry about for a year. So let’s dig right into the recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf, season 7, episode 7:

got s7 e7 ss1

We begin in King’s Landing, where the Unsullied are standing at the ready while Bronn and the soldiers are getting ready for an attack. As Bronn and Jaime watch, the Dothraki come riding in at the ready. We zoom out to see Euron Greyjoy’s fleet just overwhelming the ocean around King’s Landing – while Jon, Davos, Tyrion and the others come sailing up on just a few ships. The hound goes below deck to check on their cargo, tapping on the box and hearing the undead inside go nuts.

got s7 e7 ss2

Our group is led to the arena where the Targaryens once fought their dragons and are met by Bronn, who has his own soldiers along with Brienne and Podrick. Podrick and Tyrion are happy to see each other after all this time. And we have some wonderful words between Bronn and Tyrion – again proving why I absolutely love both of these characters. The Hound and Brienne walk together for a bit, exchanging some words about how they last met and how Arya is doing. You can tell the Hound is actually glad to hear Arya is alive and at Winterfell. One of the soldiers asks what’s in the box, and the Hound tells him to fuck off.

got s7 e7 ss3

Inside the arena, there are tents set up and everyone is told to go in and wait. Bronn and Podrick exit so the “fancy people can talk” according to Bronn. Noticing they are surrounded by Lannister soldiers, the Hound tells Tyrion what a great idea this was. Finally, Cersei, Jaime and the others come in. But still, no Daenerys. After everyone is seated, Cersei is obviously irritated that Daenerys isn’t there. Once they are all seated, the Hound sees his brother and heads right out into the center of the area as his brother steps out to meet him. You can see that there is some pity in the Hound’s eyes as he sees what they’ve done to his brother – even though he hates him.

got s7 e7 ss4

And in grand fashion, comes our beloved Daenerys on her favorite dragon, making one hell of an entrance. Once she’s off her ride, he flies off to play with his brother – obviously showing the others there is only two dragons here now. Cersei makes a quip about how they’ve waited for a long time, even though they haven’t, and Daenerys apologizes to her for being late. As Tyrion steps out to start talking, Euron steps up too and makes some jokes about his height. Finally, Cersei tells him to sit down. Tyrion tries to talk a bit more and Cersei just is her normal bitchy self. Finally Jon gets up and interrupts.

got s7 e7 ss5

Then the Hound brings up the box with their prize. It takes him awhile to undo the latches and he finally just kicks the box over. The walker inside comes running out, right at Cersei. The Hound grabs its chain barely before it gets to her. Jon shows her that you can’t kill them when the Hound cuts it in half and it continues to try to attack him. He then shows her that you can burn them by burning one of its hands or kill them with dragonglass as he stabs it and kills it. Qyburn is obviously fascinated with this whole thing. Tyrion sees that this really has an impact on Cersei – which is what he wants. Daenerys tells them there is an army of these things and when Jaime asks how many, and she tells him, his face just falls.

got s7 e7 ss6

Euron gets up and tells them that this is more than he bargained for and he’s out. The undead lying there looks a lot like the brother that Euron killed to gain control of the Iron Islands. Cersei tells Daenerys that she’ll agree to the truce to fight against the monsters. Of course, then she says that she’ll only pull her armies back if Jon, the King in the North, agrees that he won’t take sides. He tells her no, that he’s already pledged his loyalty to Daenerys. Cersei doesn’t like this and takes off. Brienne tries to get Jaime to talk to Cersei. Daenerys gets more than a bit angry that Jon couldn’t have lied a little. Then Tyrion tells them he’ll go talk to her.

got s7 e7 ss7

Outside Cersei’s chambers, Tyrion is led in by the Mountain. Jaime is waiting. He tells Tyrion that Cersei kicked him out for trying to talk to her about it. Then Tyrion goes in. He and Cersei have a chat about how he’s destroyed their family and so on, then he tells her to just have the Mountain kill him. She doesn’t of course. They talk a little more and he figures out she’s pregnant.

got s7 e7 ss8

Back at the meeting site, Daenerys and Jon are talking. Daenerys tells him about what this place was used for and how the dragons grew smaller as they left them in there to rot. Then they also talk about how Daenerys can’t have kids and she tells Jon who told her that. Jon asks her if she ever thought that maybe the old hag was lying to her. Tyrion strolls back in and Cersei and her group are right behind him. Daenerys and everyone is amazed. Cersei tells Daenerys that she won’t stand her armies down – instead, she’ll have them march north to help fight against the undead. Anyone else remember when Cersei said she’ll befriend Daenerys and then stab her in the back? I do.

got s7 e7 ss9

Anyhow, at Winterfell, Sansa is getting another push from Littlefinger toward either having Arya killed or imprisoned. He does everything he can to set the two girls against each other. He tells Sansa his little “game” he uses to figure out people’s motives, thinking up the worst in everyone. He convinces her that Arya is there to kill her and take over her spot as Lady of Winterfell.

got s7 e7 ss10

At Dragonstone, they are talking about how they are going to go north. Jon wants Daenerys to sail with them to show a united front. Jorah tells her to fly on her dragon, that one arrow can ruin all they’ve worked for. Jon convinces her that a unified front is better and she agrees. Jorah doesn’t like this. As they leave the ready room, Theon hollers at Jon to wait for a moment. Theon tells Jon that he’s sorry for everything he’s done and Jon says that he can’t forgive him for everything because it’s not his place, but he does for things that Theon has done against Jon. Theon tells him that he has to go save Yara and Jon agrees.

got s7 e7 ss11

Theon goes to the beach where the remainder of Yara’s fleet is about to take off. He tries to convince them that they have to go save Yara. The Captain makes fun of him and tells him they are sailing off somewhere safe instead. Finally, he hits Theon as Theon keeps on telling him they are going to go get Yara. He then beats the crap out of Theon but Theon won’t stay down. Theon gets up and tries to tackle the captain. The captain tries to knee him in the nuts, but Theon doesn’t have any now – so he kind of just laughs and then headbutts the guy. Dude crashes to the sand and Theon gets on him and is beating the shit out of him. When he finally wins, he tells the others they are going to go get Yara and they all agree.

got s7 e7 ss12

At Winterfell, Sansa is on top the wall and tells one of the guards there to have Arya brought into the great hall. He goes to get Arya. Then we see Sansa and Bran seated at the table as Arya is brought in. There are guards all around the hall. Sansa and Arya keep solemn faces as Sansa reads the charges of murder and treason, with Littlefinger watching, smiling. Until Sansa says that the charges are against him. Of course, then he does his best to talk his way out of it, even trying to command the Vale knights to take him out of there at once. They refuse. Sansa sentences him to death and Arya just casually walks up and slits his throat as he’s begging for his life on his knees. While I’m glad he finally got it, I’m sad to see him go at the same time.

got s7 e7 ss13

got s7 e7 ss14

Back at King’s Landing, Jaime is meeting with his commanders to get the armies ready to go north. Cersei comes in and tells them she needs to talk to Jaime. Once they leave, she asks what he’s doing. Then she says that she has no intention of helping Daenerys and to let the monsters fight it all out while they wait. She then says that they’ll deal with what’s left. She tells him she bought a mercenary army of 20,000 soldiers, horses and elephants. He tells her they won’t help if they are an ocean away. She lets him know that’s actually why Euron left – to go get her army – and that he still wants a queen. Jaime tells her that he gave his word he’d fight and she says that he’s betrayed her. He tells her that if that’s true, she needs to have the Mountain kill him. She even nods to the Mountain who draws his sword. Jaime says “I don’t believe you” and walks past the Mountain and out the door. It seems that both of her brothers have now abandoned her.
As Jaime is riding out of King’s Landing, he puts on his glove over his golden hand. Snowflakes fall on his glove and then we see the snow moving into the huge city.

got s7 e7 ss15

Finally! Sam arrives at Winterfell and goes to see Bran. Bran tells him that he knows Jon isn’t Ned’s son and that he is a Targaryen bastard. Sam then tells him that no, the grand maester of the time recorded where he married Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. So, Jon is actually a legitimized Targaryen named Aegon. (For those that don’t know the books, Aegon was the first conqueror and is one of the most powerful names the Targaryen’s give their sons.) On a side note, if you look closely in the flashbacks where Bran sees Lyanna and Rhaegar getting married – it totally is Daenery’s brother as the actor there. Ew.

got s7 e7 ss16

In the meantime, Jon goes to Dany’s quarters on the ship. Should be pretty easy for anyone to guess what’s going to happen at this point – Jon and Dany finally get naked. While everyone has been waiting for this, I’m still a little creeped out that she’s his aunt. Again, ew. Poor Tyrion is down the hall, watching Jon go into her room, with a weird look on his face.

got s7 e7 ss17

At Winterfell, Sansa and Arya are standing on top of the ramparts. Arya tells Sansa that she is the Lady of Winterfell and basically that she did the right thing. They have a touching moment finally and both agree they miss their dad, quoting some things that he used to say about winter and how a lone wolf dies while the pack lives.

got s7 e7 ss18

Then we see Bran under the tree, using his ravens to watch the Wall. Tormund and Beric are watching from the Wall as the army of the dead moves out of the trees and then just stops. One of the knights is riding just a badass undead horse. Then the horn is sounded and everything stands still.

got s7 e7 ss20

Then the sound they all fear – the Night King on his new mount, the undead dragon. Shooting blue flames at the Wall, the dragon begins to attack the ramparts and wipes them out. Tormund screams for everyone to run! The Night King blasts through the Wall and men start to fall off the stairs as they are trying to escape. Finally, the dragon manages to damage the wall enough that it actually crumbles and falls as the undead army just watches.

got s7 e7 ss19

Now, the undead army just starts walking all chill through the huge hole as the Night King flies past the rubble and into the north.

And that leaves us waiting almost a year to find out what happens in the final season. I’m gonna be pissed if they just killed off my favorite wildling and no one knows.

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