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The Fall Of An Angel – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Sarah New Sfx’s Halloween look displays creativity and sophistication, following the main concept of what an angel is expected to present in ways of appearance, but the black smears all around her face, hands and body add a nice detail to the whole piece, because they seem to suggests that the angel did something that got her expelled from heaven, and upon falling, she got her heavenly aura wiped out and substituted by an murky haze around her, to show the darkness that tainted her heavenly appearance.

However, since she is still, in essence, an angel, she retains her stately presence, as well as her halo, only this one also seems a bit opaque, as if the celestial shine had been stripped from it once she became a Dark Angel, and even her hair shows evidence of this fall by the way it tangles all over her halo, and yet, with her new forsaken existence, she still holds some of her powers, which she may realize have now changed to appeal to her newfound wicked nature.

Hi lovelies, I know its very early to be creating halloween looks but I couldn’t help myself with this one!

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