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A Hint Of Enchanted Darkness – Makeup Tutorial

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If you’ve watched the tv show “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, then you know who the Weird Sisters are, and if you haven’t let me give you a quick rundown of what they are all about: They are a group of witches who have fully embraced their powers, accepting even relinquishing their souls to the Lord of Darkness in exchange for power, and who are not only incredibly talented in witchcraft, but who also possess great ambition and a ruthless nature that makes them stop at nothing to get rid of those they deem as enemies, obstacles, or even lesser beings than them.

This is what makes this Jackie Wyers tutorial so amazing, because she did manage to recreate the striking nature of Dorcas, the Weird Sister in which this look is inspired, while at the same time maintaining the glamour, confidence and stylishness that the character presents, so that, when you wear it, be it for a party or as an everyday option, you too can be more than ready to face every challenge coming your way.

Hey it’s Jackie, & thumbs up if you enjoyed this Chilling Adventures of Sabrina WEIRD SISTERS Makeup & Hair Tutorial! Gotta love Evil Queen Prudence, Agatha & Dorcas. I loved all the witches styling, but chose to emulate Abigail Cowen as Dorcas as you guys seem to love when I recreate red headed Characters lol! Comment below your fav character from CAOS and thumbs up if you want to see a Sabrina Spellman Get The Look as well… love Harvey & Sabrina & the sabrina riverdale mentions lol.

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