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Monster Of Winter – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Winter seems to have finally come, and NsomniaksDream is here to show you how to bring some of that chilly goodness to your Halloween parties with an excellent, breathtaking and absolutely awesome makeup style that looks so realistic and scary you won’t believe it.

In her makeup tutorial, she shows you all the steps needed to turn yourself into a White Walker, and she promises to do it all without using any props, and when you see how she makes it all happen, your jaw will be on the floor at how awesome the techniques she works with are, because she makes the whole look from scratch, using highlighting effects and shadows to create that withered appearance the White Walkers have that makes them so scary, as if all the life had been drained out of them by the very cold of the land they inhabit, leaving only a desire for devastation within them.

*Insert every variation of the Winter is Coming meme here*
This is the makeup tutorial for my White Walker body paint!
No prosthetics are needed to bring this dude to life, simply a dead body and an Ice King bent on destroying humanity will do

I had so much fun with this paint! You have no idea, so I’m certainly hoping you dig it as well. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, I shall be reading all of them!

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