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Control – An Awesome/Superb Supernatural Adventure

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When you first step into Jesse Faden’s shoes, you are met with a deserted lobby in what seems to be a fully functional building. At least, that’s what it must have been not so long ago.

You take your first steps, trying to get your bearings, and that is when it hits you: Being alone in such a place feels strange, wrong. There should be someone else there, there must be someone else there. You keep walking hoping to find someone, but still nobody comes to welcome you, or to tell you to walk away and that you don’t belong there.

This is how it all begins for Jesse as she embarks on a quest to find something long lost. Unfortunately for her, her initial plans are drastically altered when she becomes the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, and she now has to take on the sudden responsibility to fight back against the Hiss, a supernatural threat that has invaded The Oldest House, headquarters for the Bureau, and the place she is now not just trapped inside, but also inadvertently leading.

As she tries to stop the threat, Jesse begins learning little by little what her presence, and everyone else’s for that matter, means to the mysteries she is trying to unveil, and as she advances, she garners supernatural powers that let her lift objects using the power of her mind, create powerful shields to protect herself, and even levitate, all of which help her find what she is looking for, and give her people a fighting chance against the Hiss.

The world of the videogame feels alive, and while you guide Jesse through each challenge and discovery, you too become immersed in the environment, until it almost seems to seep into your own world, making you wonder if it is possible that the things you see in the game are real in your own existence, causing you to start questioning if all you know of reality is all there is, or if there’s more that has been expertly concealed from you. A world of power and possibilities that go beyond your wildest dreams.

This is it. The new gem from Remedy Entertainment. A game that, from the moment it begins until after the credits roll, takes you on an unforgettable journey that has to be experienced firsthand to absorb all the brilliance and surprises it has to offer, which include a collaboration from the band Poets Of The Fall that’s guaranteed to awe you when you discover it during your gameplay in this masterpiece.

Welcome to Control.

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